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Tuesday, April 28, 2009


(Photo by Amanda McLean.


Amanda said...

I was very surprised to come across my photograph on your blog, and even more surprised when I realized you posted it without giving any credit to the photographer. I'm assuming you got this off of Flickr; in this case, you are violating Flickr guidelines by not posting the photo with a link back to the original page. It's also just plain rude to use someone's photograph and not provide any kind of credit.

Please add a link back to my original photograph:


Amanda McLean

GP said...

Sorry Amanda, I'm not exactly sure where we got this photo as we have permission to use photos from various photographers/web pages. This is probably an error generated by "haste," and not knowing the rules.

I've added your credit and link.

Great shot.

Amanda said...

Thank you, I appreciate it.