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Thursday, April 30, 2009


When it comes to anticipation, the only day better than the Thursday before the Virginia Gold Cup is the Friday before the Virginia Gold Cup, don’t you know?

In the grocery store last night for a few items when we eyeballed a beer sale related to Cinco de Mayo (what we like to call Post-Gold Cup Tuesday), and we thought “Hmmm…”

Well, it is Gold Cup weekend, there are college buddies and wives coming to town so why not stock up now and get ahead of the crowd? Don’t tell us we aren’t doing our part to stimulate the “Bubble Economy.”

Speaking of Bubble Economy, he didn’t scratch out of the $75,000 Virginia Gold Cup, but the undefeated My Lady’s Manor winner Incomplete and Private Attack both withdrew from the race. So now there are nine horses in the feature event.

And…speaking of our friends from Subaru, we wager (hypothetically speaking, of course) that they will have a few cars on display at Great Meadow on Saturday (sans the disinterested looking Russian model). Be sure to check them out.

Being a fan of racing, and road rally racing in particular, we’re gonna have to check out the standard model of the Impreza pictured above driven by Israeli rally driver Yuval Melamid zipping through the FIA Middle East Rally Championship near the Dead Sea in Jordan.

Drive safely!

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