All of the inside scoop on Virginia's biggest day of Steeplechase racing -- the Virginia Gold Cup. Hey, 50,000 of your closest friends can't be wrong! Do you have your tickets yet?

Thursday, April 9, 2009


Now that the NCAA's Big Dance, known as March Madness, has draw to a close earlier this week, it's time to change focus.

NEW FOCUS: Virginia Gold Cup, Saturday May 2nd.

First issue we have to overcome is this - the recent unusually cool weather isn't making anybody think about warm days, cool drinks, picnics, sunglasses, bright sun glasses and all the other things that make the first Saturday in May at Great Meadow so memorable and fun.

Maybe it will warm up a degree or two and we can all get more focused.

In the meantime, Virginia's biggest steeplechase race and outdoor cocktail party is only two dozen days a way!

If you are still in that college sports mode, consider attending the Gold Cup along with your fellow students and alums! Check out

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