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Thursday, April 19, 2007


OK, in our first Top Ten post, the #1 reason for attending the Gold Cup was that Sanjaya Malakar won’t be singing the National Anthem. That remains true. However, now that the under-talented but unflappable singer has been voted off Fox’s hit show American Idol, why not kick off the festivities with a song? He’s gotta be better than Rosie!

Malakar was voted off this week, ending an improbable run on the popular reality show. Sanjaya either horrified or captivated millions of viewers depending on your take on such things. Judge Simon Cowell, who’s isn’t known for his charity, was particularly harsh on young Malakar. But Sanjaya, to his credit, was never fazed. In fact, he seemed to enjoy tweaking the star making machine's nose.

Considering his fashion sense, crazy hairdos and irreverent attitude, Sanjaya could probably come up with something really fun for the Gold Cup.

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