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Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Well, the short answer is whatever you want, but here are some tips that might help. Today we will focus on the men. Closer to race day, we will talk about what women should wear, and, of course, will devote a day, if not several days, to hats and hats alone!

For starters, you must wear clothes. No wonder this chap is grinning as it certainly appears that his date/girlfriend/wife/sister/friend is, at the bare minimum (pun intended), topless.

Simply put, you can dress up or not dress up. Plenty of folks who come to picnic dress casually in comfortable clothes. Sun block is a must, and a lid is not a bad idea for winter traumatized skin. Shorts, long pants, long sleeves or short – suit yourself (pun intended).

If you are hanging out with an NFL Hall of Fame guy like Sam Huff you may want to wear a tie…

If you are going to a fancy tailgate or a party in a corporate tent, you may opt for the bow tie. This abbreviated neck wear radically reduces the likelihood of some food or drink spilling on your favorite silk. We don’t care what they say, dry cleaners and silk neckties do not a perfect marriage make.

Of course, you can always opt for a tie with a horsey theme.

You can wear your sash if you want to.

You can wear your mask if you want to, but really, why would you want to?

As you can see from these handsome fellas, you can go coat and
tie, coat and no tie, or no coat and no tie. It’s all good. Just remember your smile, and you will be fine. Just remember to try to look good. Be on your game.

Finally, if you are going to ride in one of the Gold Cup races and go galloping around 30 mph on the back of a 1,200 lbs. horse jumping over hurdles that are four feet tall, you have to wear a helmet just in case you have to make an emergency exit.

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