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Wednesday, March 19, 2014

2014 Virginia Gold Cup: The Clock Starts Now!

It’s that time of year when a series of events triggers Gold Cup Fever which this year is crossed with the highly infectious Cabin Fever which has been thrust on all of us by an unrelenting Old Man Winter who is clearly not pleased with Mother Nature. Jeez...enough already...!

That said, look around.  The snow is melting, the NCAA basketball tournament gets underway tonight, MLB spring training is going on in Florida and Arizona and St. Patrick’s Day was just celebrated a few days back. 

All are important, but St. Paddy’s day is close to our hearts and on a cosmic parallel with the big event the First Saturday In May.

In short, St Patrick's Day is an annual religious and cultural commemoration of the widely recognized patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick. March 17th, is a public holiday in Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland but is celebrated in many countries around the world where Irish diaspora have settled.

And all this time, we thought it was about leprechauns and green beer…!

Point is it’s a celebration and a big party and loads of fun just like the annual Virginia Gold Cup and we all know the Irish love horse racing (especially jumpers) and a good party no matter the color of the beverage of choice.

So start getting ready. Clothes, tailgate, picnic, TICKETS, etc.

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