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Thursday, April 5, 2012

What Not To Wear, Part LXVII

(Feng Li/Getty Images) could if you wanted to, but...

The annual Virginia Gold Cup is about many different things to different people, but for the majority of the crowd clothes matters.   For most, a great deal of effort goes into creating the right Gold Cup outfit with the right accessories be it a hat for the ladies or a tie or sunglasses for the guys.

Mistakes are made -- the most common being spiked heels which do little more than aerate the lovely grass at Great Meadow while bogging down the beaux femmes who insist on wearing them...

The other common error is “over reaching.” 

Here, a  model showcases a unique design on the catwalk during Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology Graduates Show 2012 of China Fashion Week at Beijing Hotel in Beijing, China.

People who over reach where skeletal masks and accessories.
Skeletal masks and accessories scare people.

People who scare people are shunned at tailgates and ignored by potential suitors.

Don’t over reach.

And don’t look for this particular graduate of the Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology to appear in next season’s Project Runway.

Now if you have any Scottish heritage you might go for this...
(Thomas Concordia/Getty Images)
On second thought...stick with the program, don't over reach. (See above)
(Thomas Concordia/Getty Images)
Don’t even ask.

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