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Thursday, April 26, 2012

Look, Horses!

(Capital Club Gold Cup Photo)
We first ran this post in 2007, and it remains true to this day so take note people!

(Revised for 2012) LOOK, HORSES!

“Damn it, you’re gonna watch a race!” So says the Director of Racing, Don Yovanovich. He may have said more than “damn,” but this is, for the most part, a family blog.

Here’s how this goes. Everybody has said, “I went to the Gold Cup and I never saw a horse.”

Har-Har. It’s an old joke. Let it go.

There are wide cross sections of groups at the Gold Cup with various levels of interest. There is the "horsey" set that actually cares what happens. Usually because they know somebody involved with one of the horses or, better yet, they know one of the horses. Then there’s the “non-horsey” set who simply finds the racing action fascinating. 

Then there is the “interested to be polite” group. They pay attention to the races so as not to offend their host or hostess. After that you have the “modestly interested” set who will watch a race if they happen to be looking in the right direction when the race starts. And, finally, there is the “don’t care” group. 

Hey, you “don’t care” people, we’re talking to YOU!

(Isabel J. Kurek)
Fact is there are six races with total purses of $200,000. The Gold Cup is now run for a purse of $75,000. That’s real money.

People spend a large part of their lives looking for the “right horse” that can jump 23 big immovable obstacles while running four miles. The horses can cost anywhere from $5,000 to $500,000. Trainers spend years and years honing their skills to condition these horses properly, and the jockeys basically risk life and limb.

So could you just look out there for one race? Just one…C’mon, stop socializing and smell the roses…er, uh…we mean, the horses.

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Main Line Sportsman said...

Sadly, More and more of these events...Particularly your race in May and the Carolina Cup...and Far Hills in NJ, are becoming over-run with the last group you describe...the who cars,Lilly & Seersucker puke on their Sperry DC crowd...Sad sad sad. At least they buy tix...Like your posts here by the way!