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Friday, April 23, 2010


Look, we know we are still a week out, but according to, the forecast for next Saturday’s Virginia Gold Cup is absolutely perfect – mostly sunny with a high temp of 70 degrees.

That really is perfect, not too hot, not too cold, not too much sun. Like we said – perfect.

Now considering the whimsical nature of Mother Nature and the vagaries of predicting what she may cast down upon us on any given day, you may be wondering why would even mention the weather forecast some eight days out.

Here’s why.

Scattered about out there in the great realm of potential Gold Cup attendees is a little known sub-group of “fair weather” Gold Cuppers. Yes, this group doesn’t buy tickets until they see the forecast for the first Saturday in May.

While this is not the recommended approach as we believe the Gold Cup is like football – rain or shine – and all the different weather makes for different experiences from year-to-year. That said, we understand why this group wants to wait until the all clear is given dopplerwise.

So, my weather forecast focused friends, get moving.

Some rail spaces are sold out, so get your gold cup tickets today.

Just click on the link above right that says "Buy Tickets."

1 comment:

JMU at Virginia Gold Cup said...

So excited about the great forecast! Saw your comment on our blog - Should have guessed you were a JMU alum! No wonder Virginia Blog Cup is so great! You know us Dukes, we're a riot! (har har) You should come to our railside party!