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Friday, April 23, 2010


Every year, we address those of you who claim to have never seen a horse in all your years of attending the Virginia Gold Cup.

Subsequently, each and every year we encourage you to turn around and revel in the splendor that is equine. It’s not that hard – there’s an audio clue.

When you hear the long-time voice of steeplechase racing, Will O’Keefe (the Al Michael's of jump racing), say “They’re off!” simply turn around and look for large animals being ridden by smallish men and women in colorful shirts. How hard is that?

If you do this and you see small animals with large ears being ridden by who-knows-who wearing a bright yellow vest (courtesy of VDOT?), you have managed to land yourself at some other race.

REPEAT: You are not at the Virginia Gold Cup.

If you see carts or anything that looks like carts being pulled by these large eared animals, you have made several wrong turns one of which may have involved your passport and an international flight. In this case, Pakistan…a very far cry from The Plains, VA on the first Saturday of May!

We don’t know where you might be based on these photos, but we know where you are not…

You may see some things that might make you think you’re at the Gold Cup, but look a little closer (note the soccer game in the background) and you will see some tell tale signs to the contrary.

So check those directions, don’t forget your tickets and come enjoy the day.

And, remember to turn around and look at the horses. You’ll be glad you did.

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