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Friday, October 9, 2009


So, your sittin’ around trying to figure out what to do on Saturday, October 17th…

The answer is obvious – you go to the International Gold Cup. It’s a great sporting event combined with a great party and a nice day in the country. Enough said.

However, while the gals will relish the opportunity to wear that new dress and hat (we recommend a bringing a sweater and/or sunscreen and a pair of sensible shoes even though we know that latter item is ALWAYS ignored), the guys are always running down the “sporting events” check list before making a decision.

Thankfully, the woeful Redskins and the ongoing drama that is the Jim Zorn Show and As The Vinny Turns, both brought to you by Daniel Snyder’s Red Zebra Productions, do not play on Saturdays.

Baseball is out since both local squad, the Nats and the O’s, didn’t sniff the post-season playoffs. Heck, the Nationals were so bad they misspelled their own name on their jersies, not once, but twice. You can watch the playoff on TV Saturday night since MLB has decided to abandon kids as part of the fan base and to show the overwhelming majority of the games when the next generation of fans is asleep.

College football? Why bother. The only legit DI team in the Commonwealth is Virginia Tech, and they play Georgia Tech the night of the International Gold Cup. No sweat, you can go to the races and easily be home or be at your favorite sports bar for the 6 p.m. kickoff.

Virginia is 1-3 going into this weekend and Maryland is 2-3. Both are likely to lose again on Saturday, and then guess what? On Gold Cup Saturday, they play each other. If you’re a die-hard, you can catch the second half since it starts at 4pm, but, really, why would you?

Two of the best D1AA squads in state, #1 Richmond and #10 JMU face off this weekend, so that’s out of the way come Gold Cup. No. 8 William and Mary has a bye on IGC weekend.

Our one legit professional franchise, the Caps, is home in the Verizon Center, but they don’t skate until 7 p.m.

Thankfully, Agent Zero and the rest of the Wiz/No Wiz have the night off.

So, simply put, the International Gold Cup remains the best party on Saturday’s menu and one of the best local sporting events as well.

So get your tix and we will see you there.

(Go JMU!)

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VT plays Georgia Tech on Saturday***