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Wednesday, October 14, 2009


Not too long ago, television network Bravo announced a that a spin-off of its hit docu-series franchise The Real Housewives was in development in the influential metropolitan region of Washington, D.C.


Guess what? According to our sources, they have chosen the cast and they plan on filming at Saturday’s International Gold Cup.

“We’re tapping personalities who are among Washington D.C.’s influential players, cultural connoisseurs, fashion sophisticates and philanthropic leaders – the people who rub elbows with the most prominent people in the country and easily move in the city’s diverse political and social circles,” said Frances Berwick, Executive Vice President and General Manager, Bravo Media.

Evidently,some of those “players” will be out at Great Meadow eating, drinking and bickering, or whatever it is that Real Housewives do, while the Bravo team captures it all on tape (or digital).

In addition, Universal Sports will also be at the races producing five hours of coverage in cooperation with the National Steeplechase Association. They will broadcast three races and they can be seen at or on Verizon, Cox or DirectTV. So if you want to actually see the races, you can Tivo them and watch it when you get home. How convienient.

And,finally, just because clothes make the man and t.v. cameras make the event, the Virginia Tourism Corporation will also be at the Gold Cup filming for future promotions.

So look your best, and you might be an “extra” in one of three television productions!

For more scoop from our friend Carol Joynt (of the late great Nathans of Georgetown fame) click here and from the Washington Post click here.

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