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Thursday, September 29, 2011


The International Gold Cup, the second-biggest race/party on the Virginia circuit, is just a day and change over two weeks away on Saturday October 15.

The surest sign that the second jewel in the Gold Cup crown is imminent is the simple fact that the Washington Nationals (80-81) season ended last night (again) and (again) we don’t have to get bogged down in playoff baseball.  The Orioles, who were worse at 69-93, also obliged us by not being a post season distraction.

The Redskins are off to a 2-1 start, and since they don’t play on Saturday’s they never interfere with the International Gold Cup.  The Skins are better than last year but far from great.  Unfortunately, the offensive coordinator (Kyle Shanahan) thinks the quarterback (Rex Grossman) is better than he is (Tom Brady, Drew Brees, Peyton Manning).  The only problem with Rex Grossman is that he’s…well, Rex Grossman.  The Skins play the Eagles the Sunday after the Gold Cup. Hopefully by then, Michael Vick will have injured his throwing hand as well...

There is, of course, college football on International Gold Cup Saturday, but quite frankly, nobody within a two hour drive looks worthy of a trip.  Virginia will be hosting Georgia Tech.  The Yellow Jackets are undefeated and averaging something like 1,000 yards of offense per game…that’s gonna be ugly.  Speaking of ugly, Maryland and their crazy unis will host Clemson and that doesn’t look good for the Terps.  The Hokies, while generally more than two hours away, will be down in Winston-Salem, NC playing Wake Forest.

James Madison will be hosting Villanova.  That will probably be a fun game, but not as much fun at the International Gold Cup.  Georgetown is at D.C. rival Howard. Go ahead and yawn, it’s OK.  George Mason is unlikely to field a football team between now and then. 

So, get your tickets and your tailgate organized and come out and enjoy the International Gold Cup.  It’s the Virginia Gold Cup’s hot little sister.  You’re gonna love it!

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