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Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Look, we know you can’t wait until the Real Housewives of D.C. reunion show on Thursday night to find out 1) will the non-crashers chew up and spit out the crashers, 2) what new closet lock technology is out there, 3) did anymore “gear” get stolen (we thought “gear” was a fishing term as in “fishing gear,” our bad) and 4) what Cat might say or do next while standing outside someone’s home in the rain obviously fuming?
A hunting we will go...
That said, there is a HUGE rumor swirling about that some, none or all of the D.C. Housewives will be attending the races this Saturday. There is another rumor…ok, call it reasonable deduction…that if they do ALL come, they won’t come all TOGETHER.

Now this rumor popped up last spring when the Bravo show was filming and some folks thought that showing up at the Virginia Gold Cup on the first Saturday in May would be LOGICAL as it is one of the most IMPORTANT social events in the metro-D.C. area (not to mention to the horsey set out in horse country.)

However, if they were amongst us on that lovely spring Saturday, nobody at the Virginia Blog Cup made (or recorded – which is the important part) any sighting. That said, now that we’ve watched who-knows-how-many episodes of this new chapter of the hugely popular Housewives franchise, we now know that parties for stylists and the occasional department store fashion shows are way MORE important then horse race/cocktail parties in the bucolic Virginia countryside.
Mary, Michaele, Stacie, Cat and Lynda
Silly us. What were we thinking?

It’s not that we don’t like celebrity stylists (we do) and fashion shows (well…not as much, but we do like the models), and it’s not that we don’t think they are terribly important (as clearly all of the D.C. housewives cast members do…What? Tarq isn’t an official "D.C. Housewife?" Jeez…Damn it!). Oh well, it’s just that we thought there were certain KNOWN facts about the Washington social calendar and prestigious events like the International Gold Cup.

Fact is, the Gold Cups, both Spring and Fall, have been attracting celebs, socialites, college kids, families and both regular and high-test Joes for many YEARS. People with stylists, and people without stylists, come out and enjoy and afternoon in the country and all the trappings.

Now in order to give all of this some additional legs, there is another rumor floating around that says the Gold Cup has agreed to add a new division to the annual and always popular International Gold Cup Tailgate Contest – The D.C. Housewives Division.

Apparently Andy needs some brown water to confront
this crew. We'd recommend Woodford Reserve.
 Only the D.C. Housewives can enter. Linda can only serve breakfast as that’s all we’ve seen her cook, the Salahis can only serve those same store bought grapes everybody stomped on a few episodes back or any food they may have slipped out of that ill-fated State Dinner, Mary can serve whatever she wants but it must include big glasses of vino – big, BIG glasses. Stacie has to have her Aunt Frances (the one who put on such a spectacular displays of home cooking in an early episode) help her out and Cat must serve something dead, sour, American and angry, (but not her estranged husband, ‘cuase that would be gross).

The prize for the winner will be a trip back to the Bravo Clubhouse with Andy Cohen (assuming he’s survived another rugged reunion show.)
"Sure, who doesn't love a good tailgate?"
To give all of this just a bit more spark, we are told that Bono, Sting and Bruce Springsteen will probably (not) be the judges of this year’s tailgate competition.

So, get your tickets, you don’t want to miss this…after all, a polo game might break out if we can find the “gear.”

And if that doesn’t happen, it promises to be a great day of socializing and racing and that’s what it was meant to be all along!

*items in italics may not be true.

(Props to Express Night for the cool pic up top.)

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