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Thursday, March 19, 2009


First off, in case nobody has told you, the economic recovery started in Warrenton, Virginia (the town the Virginia Gold Cup office calls home) at noon on St. Patrick’s day.

Oddly enough, the much anticipated correction had little to do with more mortgage applications or more new housing starts announced earlier that morning.

In addition, it had little to do with stimulus plan, the banking bailout or AIG bonuses. And, in spite of the event in question happening on March 17th, it had nothing to do with Ireland, Harp or Guiness.

No, the world wide economic recovery started in Warrenton, Virginia just at the horrific swoon had started just a few miles from here last October.

You see, last October in the midst of a media saturated presidential campaign, the economy leapt off a cliff. This can be directly attributed to a horse named Bubble Economy. Trust us, this is exactly what went down.

Bubble Economy won the 71st running of the International Gold Cup at Great Meadow just up the road from Warrenton in The Plains, VA. The International Gold Cup is the little sister and fall version of the Virginia Gold Cup which happens on the first Saturday in May.

So when Bubble Economy won the fall race, the Treasury Department should have been paying attention. You see, Bubble Economy had also won the 83rd running of the $100,000 Virginia Gold Cup. You can’t say we didn’t warn you…Wasn’t anybody paying attention?

In the spring, Bubble Economy defeated, among others, a horse named Miles Ahead. Imagine where we would be had he won the biggest steeplechase race here in the Commonwealth. Well…how about…miles ahead of where we are now, which would be nice.

In the fall, Mr. Bubble defeated, among others, A Fine Story…Hmmm.

So now we know. It’s all Bubble Economy’s fault. What we need now is back-to-back victories in the two Gold Cups by a horse named Booming Economy.

In the meantime, we are on the road to a nice slow and steady recovery, and it all got started on St. Patrick’s day with…drum roll, please…ice cream.

Yes, we said ice cream. While a horse named Bubble Economy messed up the whole deal a little treat called ice cream put it all back on the right track.

Warrenton, like many other small towns, has a soft ice cream stand – The Carousel. The Carousel usually opens in April and closes in early November. Seems the Carousel folks are clever enough to have a similar stand down in sunny Florida.

So for reasons unknown to the Gold Cup, the Carousel decided to open two weeks early to a standing room only crowd lined up into the parking lot.

You might be thinking ‘how can that be a major economic indicator?’

Trust us, it is. It’s just what we need to get us all off this bubble economy.

You know, what else will help? If our nation of consumers who drive our economy would open their wallets/purses and buy some stuff.

Why not start with tickets to the best horse race/party in Virginia – the Virginia Gold Cup?

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