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Monday, April 14, 2008


People say they go to the Gold Cup and never see a horse.

Those people are exaggerating. They're kind of hard to miss as they go galloping by every 20 minutes.
Although a lot of folks go to the Gold Cup for the party, the picnic, the people watching or just to have a nice day with friends and family, it remains one of the biggest, best and most important horse races in Virginia.

So pay attention (a little, at least).

Without much effort you will realize that it is impossible to keep your eyes off these beautiful animals – the horses, that is.

Check out this scene from London last week. In spite of the best efforts of British beach volleyball Olympic hopefuls, Lucy Boulton, left, and Denise Johns, to distract this group of tourists, only two are watching them play v-ball. The overwhelming majority are focused on the palace, and, of course, the horses.

We really have no explanation...but it happens all the time.

And the exact same thing happens at the Gold Cup. Folks who claim to have no interest in horses or steeplechase racing find themselves mesmerized by the spectacle. Kids find it especially enthralling, and those of you with front row parking spaces have the best spot in the house to see, hear and feel the action.

Yes the ground shakes a bit when they go racing by…

Go ahead, bring your volleyball if you must.

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