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Thursday, October 11, 2007


The Fall Golf Cup is just 10 days away, so it’s time to get serious about the wardrobe. It’s been a little bit hard to think about what to wear on a spectacular fall afternoon when the recent weather has seemed like July.

And then there was today…Break out the tweed! This Thursday a.m. awoke cool and brisk, and sort of…autumn like. It’s about time. Of course, the International Gold Cup is always a little more difficult to handicap in terms of weather since the third Saturday in October can be 55 or 80 – one just never knows.

However, just like the spring, keep in mind those famous words of rocker Joe Jackson – “You Gotta Look Sharp.” Trade in the sun dress for something a little bit warmer. Guys, hang onto the sport coat…it looked good in the Spring and it will continue to do so in the Fall while keeping you, the date you brought, or the date you just met warm. Tweed is good. It being fall with pumpkins and mums, brown seems to be popular. Just look at the horses.

If you’re a child, you can wear a costume. A horse costume is a good call. If you are older than eleven or twelve such an outfit will only scare people. If you must wear such a thing be sure to pin a sign on your chest that says “Lost a Bet.”

Like the spring and the world famous Virginia Gold Cup, hats are important. But spring hats and summer hats are different as most of you know.

Be creative, it’s all in good fun!

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