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Friday, September 28, 2007


OK, let's get this straight up front. Part of the allure of the International Gold Cup is the spectacular fall foliage, the wonderful fall weather, the beautiful women, the handsome guys, all the great tailgates and some world class horse racing.

The other wonderful part of the allure is knowing so little about the actual racing part that you are never inclined to scream when something goes wrong. If the jockey you pull for does something stupid, unlike in OTHER SPORTS, you won't be bothered simply because you probably won't notice this little blunder. If you're horse is having an off day, how will you know? It's all good.

On a beautiful day in the country, it will all seem like it's going swimmingly...Think how much nicer that is than attending a sporting event with a negative outcome littered with decisions being made by overpaid knuckleheads...Does this sound familiar?

Oh, and you don't have to wear any really ugly clothes either...

We thought you would agree...Do you have your International Gold Cup tickets yet?

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